Why I give the scale the side eye…and you should too!

I’ve written this post over and over in my head for weeks.  I’ve gone back and forth about putting myself out there, and if what I have to say is at all beneficial for others.  Finally I decided to just go for it and get it out of my system…like therapy for myself to let this go. So fair warning it’s going to be a partial rant on the current healthcare system and insurance, as well as hopefully something that will speak to someone who is currently obsessed with the scale like I was.  Here it goes!

If you’ve done any of my challenge groups or are in my accountability group, you know I freaking LOATHE the scale.  Don’t get me wrong…the scale has it’s place in society and has held a place in my past, but for me I’ve pretty much ditched the scale.  That thing is a dang dirty liar!  I’ve seen people (including myself) become addicted to what that scale has to tell them EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.  And once that obsession begins with that inherent need for a declining number, it attaches to your soul and somewhere along the way defines your self worth.

Now we enter my healthcare rant – feel free to skip ahead 🙂  Background story: I had not been to a Primary Care Physician since I left my Pediatrician at 18 (yes, he had to boot me out because I’m lazy about finding DRs…it’s HARD mmmmkkkkkkaaayyyy).  All of my intermittent dr’s appts had been related to illness and involved Walgreens/CVS or Urgent Care.  Feel free to judge away…  Given my slightly recent interest boost in health and fitness, I figured it was time to find myself a DR and have an adult physical at the ripe old age of ::cough, cough:: 32.  Yep, it’s been quite awhile!

I began my search by checking my insurance and asking around for references.  This is a highly daunting task BTW because it’s a complete shot in the dark.  I’m borderline one of those “crunchy granola” people that HATES unnecessary meds and believes that a lot of things (not everything obviously) can be prevented and solved with dietary and lifestyle changes.  Meds absolutely have their place, but so does taking great care of oneself in my completely non-professional opinion.  That’s just personal preference that I’m not interested in debating.  Most Drs I’ve encountered are “pill pushers” and treat the symptoms, not the cause.  They will prescribe a prescription for any and every discomfort that may arise.  Which some people prefer that sort of thing, so more power to them.  Not my style, but insurance companies sure seem to be in favor of Dr’s like these…  I REALLY wanted someone more in the vicinity of a Naturopath but my insurance, of course, does not cover that.

So I watched a video of this Dr and she’s going on about women’s health and healthy diets and lifestyles and I’m like BOOM! I’m doing this!  I go, and we go through my whole health history and all the crazy questions they ask and then we get to the question about weight…dun dun duhhhhhhhh.

“How do you feel about your weight?”

“Like most women, I’m working on it but I feel like I’m in an OK place”

“I’m going to tell you that according the BMI chart you are OVERWEIGHT and could stand to lose AT LEAST 15 lbs”

The dreaded chart in case you aren’t as lucky as I to have encountered this monstrosity…bmi-chart

Uhhh I’m sorry, scuse??  Did you just say 15 LBS?!?  Now I know my abs are not popping out, my legs and booty look like two giant cantaloupes sitting on top of two watermelons, and there’s two weird pouches that have taken permanent residence on my stomach resembling tiny butts, but 15 LBS really??

Just to give you an idea…My Stats: I currently weigh 151 lbs @ 5’4″ and wear a size 4/6 or S/M depending on brand.  If you follow me, you know I work out almost daily and round out cardio and weight training typically with a preference for weight training.  I eat fairly healthy for the most part and follow container counts for getting proper nutrition and portion sizes.  I’m FAR from perfect and don’t strive to be, but I do make a good effort and attempt to get better.  I’m fully aware of and am working on my Starbucks addiction…

Now I understand the human brain has this thing about needing to label everything so it knows where to file it in the recesses of your mind, so there’s of course a societal need to quantify EVERYTHING.  BUT, shouldn’t there be a better universal way by now to determine a person’s health than an arbitrary number on a scale???  Shouldn’t there be a dialogue about what it is exactly a person is doing in their life for their health before qualifying them as overweight?

The conversation continued on…because I stopped pumping for my daughter less than a year ago, I must still be eating like I need those extra calories for milk production.  Her super helpful suggestion?  Eat less calories and do more cardio.  Well if that isn’t the most basic, generic answer, I dunno what is.  I informed her that I workout and eat fairly healthy…she had no idea what Beachbody was as I’m trying to explain.  She remained steadfast in her recommendation.  Then informed me that other than that she found me to be in great health and didn’t think I needed any blood testing for cholesterol and such.  OK now I’m really confused…so I’m overweight by AT LEAST 15 lbs because the chart says so but you don’t suspect any current or foreseeable future issues with my health worth checking for, even though I haven’t been to a PCP in 14 years.  Alrighty then…  (Piece of advice here: YOU are your own advocate.  If you disagree with something…speak up.  While you may not be a medical professional, you should be a pretty good judge of how you’re feeling.  I opted for the testing to at least have a baseline for moving forward and I will continue my search for a doctor that is more aligned with my ideals.)

I digress.  So although none of that really made a whole lot of sense to me, here is my REAL ISSUE with this…I used to be a person who depended on that scale to tell me if I was fat or not.  I LIVED for that number to go down, so much so that it was completely attached to my mood and my perception of myself.  If that number didn’t budge or GASP went up, it ruined my entire day.  It meant I didn’t work hard enough, I wasn’t doing enough, I wasn’t good enough.

Fast forward to now…I focus almost completely on how I’m feeling.  My weight difference between then and now is less than 5 lbs. Completely serious, no exaggeration.



5. Freaking. Lbs.  A number on a scale does not look the same on every, single person.  It doesn’t even look the same on the same person given differences in diet and exercise.  So how can the number on the scale define a person’s health??  The number on the scale (and subsequently the correlating BMI number) don’t take into account muscle tone, bloat, hormonal changes, eating and/or drinking.  So why is there so much weight put on a person’s weight?  I’ve learned to focus my attention more to non-scale victories –  Did I kill my workout today?  Did I stick to my meal plan?  How am I feeling?  How are my clothes fitting?  If I’m feeling off, is it because of hormonal changes throughout the month or did I get off track?  The scale can make for a great starting point, but these questions should go right along with it.

So my long drawn out point is this…DITCH THE SCALE.  Focus on you.  Your strengths. Your weaknesses.  Your improvements.  Don’t let the scale dictate your journey or self worth.  If you aren’t happy with where you are, or even if you are but feel like you still want to do better, make a change today.  Focus your energy on what you can do right now.  Don’t have time to workout?  Focus on changing your eating habits.  I bet once you make some changes to your eating and drinking habits you might find you have more energy to get moving!

Here’s some ideas that you can implement right now:

  • Family dance parties
  • Try new veggies and fruits
  • Walks
  • Find simple healthy swaps in the meals you love
  • Create a journal to track eating habits, mood, or to focus your mind on goals and positive thoughts
  • Cut out sugary crap
  • Drink more water
  • Replace one meal a day with a salad or Shakeology
  • Find fun, healthy recipes to try
  • Cut animal byproducts out of your meals one day a week
  • Join our fitness tribe!

There are TONS of things you can change right this second to work toward a healthier you.  Find what works for you and your family and be sure to make that time for yourself doing something just for you.  It makes all the difference!

Looking for more fitspiration?  Feel free to contact me!


Rachael’s Transformation…

I’m always trying to keep it real and be upfront with my friends and followers.  So in the interest of full disclosure, I’m writing to tell you that in December/early January I questioned if coaching was truly for me and if it was something I should continue.  At the time I was going backwards in my journey for better health.  With the holidays, my eating was settling back into old habits, I wasn’t working out much, I was beginning to feel like I was letting down the people that I’m there to motivate, and started feeling a bit like a fraud because…well… I’m human.  I try to share my struggles as they are happening, but I had a hard time doing so because I just wanted to distance myself from social media and regain my focus.

So as I found myself at a crossroad, I did what most girls do and reached out to my best friend.  This particular thing was a tough thing to tell those around me because they play such a HUGE part in the success that I’ve had with coaching and my journey to better health (so THANK YOU ALL for that!).  My friends have been so supportive and some have joined me in coaching and I obviously didn’t want to desert them.  Rachael (previously mentioned best friend) said something to me that struck a chord and reminded me exactly why I do this.  It’s not for money (even though that’s a nice bonus), or for attention, or to showcase myself.  She said, “If you don’t coach anymore, I don’t know that I would keep going without you.”  It was like YES that’s why I do this!!!  Coaching keeps me accountable on my own journey and provides a platform for me to share solutions for people looking for a way to get healthy, as well as inspire and motivate them with my journey.

So I wanted to start showcasing those that I’ve helped (with their permission of course) as a reminder to myself, encouragement and praise for them, and motivation for others, because I feel like that’s my purpose in all of this.

I’m starting with Rachael because she was one of the first to join my journey and she’s been such a huge inspiration and motivator for me.  When you check out her transformation below you will be blown away!



It’s so AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE to see how far you’ve come, how hard you’ve worked, and the amount of determination you have.  Any time you’ve paused your journey, you’ve been so quick to get right back to it with even more drive than before.  You’re constantly the person that’s been in my corner, cheering me on, while pushing yourself to keep going.  You’ve pushed yourself to continually step outside your comfort zone with new foods and new workouts. How you find the energy to push play after work everyday or on your lunch and crank out an intense workout after working a full-time job and being an amazing momma to Riley, I have no idea! LOL  Your consistency with your workouts, Shakeology, meal planning, participating in challenge groups, and mini-goal setting has completely paid off.  Thank you for starting your journey with me and thank you for letting me share your amazing transformation!!  You are part of my WHY!

Check out her FABULOUS transformation photos!!  So freaking proud of her!

Untitled design.png


Feel free to tell this girl how incredibly awesome she is! 😉

If you are one of my challengers and would like to be showcased, send me your pics!  If you are ready to start your journey, message me!  I love hearing from you! 😀

Luv, Linzy


An Epiphany for Me…

So I was just going to share this in my Accountability Group but then I thought “HELLO, this could be beneficial to anyone!” So here it is…
I was listening to a YouTube video by Matt Morris and he mentioned when he gets frustrated or angry he sets a time limit…an hour, 2 hours. And within that time frame he will let it all out, complain, react, whatever he feels he needs to do as much as possible. Then, once the time is up, he moves on. He said usually a little while into his rant he will realize how ridiculous it all is and just move on quickly.
So I took this piece of advice and I thought to myself, “I could totally apply this to anything!” As you may have already read, this morning I overslept and missed my workout!  I had just been thinking all week how I’ve really turned a corner and my 5am workouts were really starting to be my thing.  It wasn’t the constant struggle for me that finding time to workout usually is!  I realized how stressed and frustrated it was making me that I had overslept this morning. So I gave myself 20 mins to dwell on it, and then I would move on. Well once I got to thinking about it, I found myself looking for the positives.
Then of course that prompted me to think, “Maybe I switch it around!” So when I’m feeling irritated, stressed, upset, frustrated, I’m just going to give myself a time limit and in that amount of time I’m going to come up with all the positives I can. I mean a positive mind creates a positive force, right?  So for instance, this morning was:
I still drank my Shakeology
Abs are made in the kitchen
My body got the rest it needed to do better tomorrow and really go after it
With more rest comes a better attitude and more patience…a necessity with a family!
Sleep replenishes and heals the body
I’m fortunate to have a job that doesn’t require me to be on time every day
I still have the opportunity to make the most of the day with my meal prep that I completed Sunday
You get the idea…
After thinking about all of these positives, it felt silly to be mad at myself for something so small. The perspective I needed came about.  I was allowing the fear of failing and having a replay of this morning hijack my mood!  It may have happened before that I fell of the wagon, but only because I LET IT HAPPEN!  ME!  So that means I CAN CONTROL THIS!  And I will because I want to and I’m aware.
Right now I’m fighting the old habit of having something sweet after lunch. So I’m giving myself 10 mins to be positive and think about what I can do satisfy that habit without giving in.  I can drink some water, walk around a bit, have a conversation, type a blog… 😛 Backup plan: If I still feel like I need something I can eat an apple with some cocoa peanut butter.  I know I want something because it’s a habit. I know I’m trying to break it so I’m not giving in!  This thought process really helps me to assess what’s really going on and address it.
So the point of all this rambling is, I plan on applying these time limits to the negative things in my mind.  I hope by sharing my epiphany with you, you will find some way to positively apply it to your life!

Making Goals for 2017…

So I took this amazing 5 day workshop completely centered around building goals and creating a dream board or vision board.  I. FREAKING. LOVED IT.  So I’m going to share the product of my training!

I’m always little nervous about putting my Vision Board out there for everyone to see.  I can totally put my pictures out on social media all day long without a second thought.  When I share my results or take my before pictures, I have no qualms about posting it up EVERY WHERE!  Obviously…hehe  But for some reason I feel like my Vision Board is more personal.  Everyone can see the outside shell of me.  No big deal.  But my Vision Board is like sharing my mind; the inside of me; it’s my hopes and dreams all spread out on a piece of posterboard for others to try to interpret.  I can always disconnect myself from any comments about my appearance because people have ALWAYS commented on the way I look, both positively and negatively.  But I can control who I let get into my head to really get to know me.

The thing is, my purpose here, is that I want to inspire people.  You guys are completely fabulous in your own right for sure!  But if I can put a spark in someone to push themselves a little farther, or to find something in them they never knew they had or thought they had lost, that’s EXACTLY what I want to do.  That’s EXACTLY why I share everything that I share.  And while everything that I share isn’t for every person (cuz that’s life!), my goal is that at least one person gets something for each thing I share.  So with that in mind, I’m pushing myself to share my Vision Board with you in hopes that it will inspire you to set some AHHHH-MAZING goals for yourself.  And if you happen to find that some of our goals align, I’d love to hear about it!  Success partners are an awesome treasure!

Now that I got the dramatics intro out of the way, here it is….


So clearly I need something colorful and a little loud to catch my attention so I actually look at this thing every day.  Of course there’s some coaching things on there because hello!! I have big goals and I don’t see my traditional day job income increasing anytime soon and I have big ideas on where I want to take my business this year so be on the lookout!  Also, I added a few quotes and reminders of abstract ideas I want to work on this year.  It’s not a requirement by any means to have something this elaborate…it can literally be a list on a sheet of paper that you take everywhere with you or you can even create a free graphic online if you’re more of a techy person!  I’m a little old school with the paper thing and whatnot but to each their own!

I received a lot of helpful tips and participated in some AMAZING activities to really focus and process what my goals should be and what my true focus is.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t necessarily what I thought it would be.  I would LOVE to share the things I learned and pay it forward, so if you’re interested in doing a FREE 5-day group with me, let me know!  I’d love to hear about your ideas for your vision board so comment below and share with your friends!   Talk to you again soon…

Luv, Linzy   :*

My Experience With the 3 Day Refresh

Heyyyyyyy!!!  Needless to say, I fell off the wagon a bit over the holidays like most people do.  I had become lax in my eating habits and wasn’t following a program.  I was still eating fairly healthy but going out for lunch more often :/  So I really wanted to do something to help kick the habits I was in the process of creating before it got REALLY ugly…

Enter the 3 Day Refresh!  Truth: I was a little apprehensive both in it’s effectiveness and my ability to actually complete it.  It’s no secret I LOVE Beachbody products (DUH, that’s one of the reasons I became a coach!).  But just like anything, everything isn’t going to work for everyone.  So even though I love Beachbody and what their products have done for me, I don’t necessarily believe I will find success in EVERY product they offer (mostly due to my lack of strong will, if I’m being totally honest).  And that’s ok!  I’M HUMAN!


What it is: The 3-Day Refresh is a scientifically designed program that helps you fast-track your weight loss, kick-start healthy eating, and get a clean break from bad nutrition habits. 3-Day Refresh is a simple, straightforward program that will help cleanse your body and improve the way you feel— without starving yourself.

This program can be used as a last minute cleanse for an event, kickstart your weightloss program, kick those bad habits, or just clean out the junk from your body!

What’s Included:

  • 3 packets of Shakeology (your choice of flavor)
  • 6 Vanilla Refresh packets
  • 3 Fiber Sweep Packets
  • Nutrition and Post-Refresh Guide


PREFRESH – see what I did there?!? hahaha

There’s not much prepping to the Refresh.  The shakes are included and I wanted the veggies to be as fresh as possible so really all I needed to do was make a quick grocery list of veggies and fruits I like and grab them at the store.  The Refresh comes with a list of acceptable fruit and veggie choices and tells you exactly how much you can have and when to eat them.  Easy.

My Grocery List (most of this I already had.  This list could be smaller if you choose):

  • Bananas (2)
  • Apple (1)
  • Carrots (1 bunch/bag)
  • Bell Pepper (1)
  • Cabbage (1 head)
  • Cauliflower (1 head)
  • Vegetable Broth (1 carton)
  • Lemon (1)
  • Cucumber (1)
  • Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Pepper
  • Ground Red Pepper
  • Hummus

DAY 1-

I started the day with some lemon cucumber water.  It’s recommended to drink water immediately when you wake up.  I really dislike water so giving it some flavor helps me out and the lemon is great first thing in the morning to aid in detox and digestion.

Within an hour of getting up I drank my Cafe Latte Shakeology blended with 8 oz water and 1/2 a banana.  Tasted great!!  But I’m not even going to pretend like I didn’t miss my Starbucks because I DID!  I usually start my day with an iced coffee.  The Cafe Latte flavor helps, but for obvious reasons it’s just not quite the same (ahem REFINED SUGARS!!)

The first few hours were a little hairy since I was off work and home with the family.  I was irritable because I wanted to indulge in my usual breakfast habits and I just couldn’t…but then again that’s the whole point!  But that subsided by the time I got to the Fiber Sweep.

FIBER SWEEP – So clearly this is the part that is supposed to aid in digestion and help clean you out given that you’re getting a lot of protein in these shakes.  It has a very very light lemon flavor that I could barely detect.  They say to mix and drink immediately and I cannot stress enough how IMMEDIATELY one should drink this.  I’m talking like no more than you get it shaken up in a shaker cup you should have it halfway gone.  If you wait more than a minute this thing starts thickening up on you and personally that texture made it tough to get down on day 1.

I was slightly nervous that the Fiber Sweep was going to cause a mass exodus from my body in a highly emergency-style fashion.  Personally that was not the case.  It took awhile to see results from the sweep and they were not anything unusual or urgent in nature if you get my drift.  I was relieved (in more ways than one hahaha – you knew there was gonna be poo talk at some point, right?!?)

On to lunch – Vanilla Refresh Shake, small apple, and I opted for some roasted cauliflower.  Then continued munching on the cauliflower for my snack

For dinner I chose stir fry veggies (with a tsp olive oil, and salt and red pepper) with my Vanilla Refresh shake.  It was a little weird not eating meat with dinner but I was full!  Like noticeably full which I find I have a really hard time getting full when I eat usually.  I often wonder if there’s a disconnect between my mind and my stomach, but I digress…dinner

Usually when I start a new eating plan I end up with a massive headache on day 1.  You would think this would be a compelling argument for me to stop putting crap foods in my face…negative!  So I was a little nervous going into day 1 given that the typical headache makes me want to binge on all the bad things causing the headache…Ironic.  The headache came around lunch so I popped some aspirin and all was fine.  I did have some cravings in the evening as I usually have something sweet after dinner.  Nothing super intense like they usually are, but worth mentioning.  I had my usual internal debate, but in the end it’s like “HELLO, You spent $$ on this and it’s ONLY 3 FREAKING DAYS…Suck it up girlfriend!!”  Yes, I’m harsh when I talk to myself…it gets me through sometimes. Don’t judge LOL

DAY 2 –

“Heyo!!! I survived day one and we’re already on Day 2” were the feelings I had about it.  Most of it was a replay of day 1 as the structure for water, eating, and shakes remains the same.  Got up, drank my water, and made the same Shakeo concoction that I drank on the way to work.  Simple.  On day 2 I got the hang of the Fiber Sweep and found it much more manageable than Day 1.  IMMEDIATELY chugged that sucker down no problem.

Lunch was the Vanilla Refresh blended with 1/2 a banana, and leftovers from dinner.  The Vanilla Refresh by itself tastes like watered down vanilla pudding which I thought was fine.  Blended with a banana and a little less water, it tastes a lot like vanilla pudding.  I really enjoyed the Vanilla Refresh.

Snack was carrots with 2 tbsp red pepper hummus YUM!  I forgot how much I love hummus!carrots

Dinner was the Vanilla Refresh shake with roasted cabbage.  I’m sure the idea is to have as much fresh, raw veggies as possible but I’m not big on raw veggies without some kind of dip.  Annnnndddd obviously dip is not a thing for this.  So roasted it is.  I find it’s more important to do what works for you so you can stick with it, rather than to follow it rigidly.  Obviously there’s a fine line where results will cease in that mindset but roasted vs raw is not going to be putting anything over the edge…and I don’t like being miserable eating raw veggies so there it is 😀

In the morning there was a craving for some chips because something salty after breakfast had become a habit, but for the most part I didn’t have much desire to cheat.  And I didn’t succumb so BOOM!!

DAY 3-

OMG how is it day 3 already and I HAVE NOT CHEATED!!!  Like at all!!  I was so proud of myself, can you tell?? lol

Day 3 was a lot of the same as the other two days.  Water, Shakeo, Fiber Sweep…you get the idea.  For lunch I had the Vanilla Refresh shake with my leftover roasted cabbage.  Snack was the carrots again.  Dinner was the Refresh with stir fry green beans and a cup of vegetable broth seasoned with salt and pepper.    …and just like that it was over.green-beans


I actually really enjoyed the Refresh!  It’s roughly 900 calories a day which is obviously not something to continue for more than a few days, but it was a successful 3 days!  I definitely feel like it reset my body.  I don’t want the crappy things that I was eating before and wasn’t all that tempted while doing it.  I still think about my Starbucks though but have decided it’s a good idea to give that up for awhile.  Post Refresh I started my day with my same Shakeology mix in an effort to keep the train moving and not forgo my results.  I cannot stress enough how important is, if you’re using this as a jumping off point for weightloss, to continue once it’s over and to have a plan.  The included guide offers direction for how to continue, which is AWESOME!  I will have to do a followup with my post-post-Refresh results 😛

So now to dazzle you with my “transformation” 😛  Check it out!!

  • Starting weight :145.0
  • Ending weight: 139.1
  • More importantly, I FEEL GREAT!!  And I’m definitely happier with the way my clothes are fitting today.


I was so incredibly surprised by these results!!  I was not expecting it to go so well.  Have questions about my experience…Message me! or comment below!

Interested in the 3 Day Refresh for yourself: Check it out HERE!  If you don’t already have a coach, it will ask you to sign up for your free Beachbody account which provides you access to tons of free recipes and articles as well as making me your free coach!  Got questions?  Let me know!  I’d LOVE to hear from you 😀

~Luv, Linzy