My Experience With the 3 Day Refresh

Heyyyyyyy!!!  Needless to say, I fell off the wagon a bit over the holidays like most people do.  I had become lax in my eating habits and wasn’t following a program.  I was still eating fairly healthy but going out for lunch more often :/  So I really wanted to do something to help kick the habits I was in the process of creating before it got REALLY ugly…

Enter the 3 Day Refresh!  Truth: I was a little apprehensive both in it’s effectiveness and my ability to actually complete it.  It’s no secret I LOVE Beachbody products (DUH, that’s one of the reasons I became a coach!).  But just like anything, everything isn’t going to work for everyone.  So even though I love Beachbody and what their products have done for me, I don’t necessarily believe I will find success in EVERY product they offer (mostly due to my lack of strong will, if I’m being totally honest).  And that’s ok!  I’M HUMAN!


What it is: The 3-Day Refresh is a scientifically designed program that helps you fast-track your weight loss, kick-start healthy eating, and get a clean break from bad nutrition habits. 3-Day Refresh is a simple, straightforward program that will help cleanse your body and improve the way you feel— without starving yourself.

This program can be used as a last minute cleanse for an event, kickstart your weightloss program, kick those bad habits, or just clean out the junk from your body!

What’s Included:

  • 3 packets of Shakeology (your choice of flavor)
  • 6 Vanilla Refresh packets
  • 3 Fiber Sweep Packets
  • Nutrition and Post-Refresh Guide


PREFRESH – see what I did there?!? hahaha

There’s not much prepping to the Refresh.  The shakes are included and I wanted the veggies to be as fresh as possible so really all I needed to do was make a quick grocery list of veggies and fruits I like and grab them at the store.  The Refresh comes with a list of acceptable fruit and veggie choices and tells you exactly how much you can have and when to eat them.  Easy.

My Grocery List (most of this I already had.  This list could be smaller if you choose):

  • Bananas (2)
  • Apple (1)
  • Carrots (1 bunch/bag)
  • Bell Pepper (1)
  • Cabbage (1 head)
  • Cauliflower (1 head)
  • Vegetable Broth (1 carton)
  • Lemon (1)
  • Cucumber (1)
  • Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Pepper
  • Ground Red Pepper
  • Hummus

DAY 1-

I started the day with some lemon cucumber water.  It’s recommended to drink water immediately when you wake up.  I really dislike water so giving it some flavor helps me out and the lemon is great first thing in the morning to aid in detox and digestion.

Within an hour of getting up I drank my Cafe Latte Shakeology blended with 8 oz water and 1/2 a banana.  Tasted great!!  But I’m not even going to pretend like I didn’t miss my Starbucks because I DID!  I usually start my day with an iced coffee.  The Cafe Latte flavor helps, but for obvious reasons it’s just not quite the same (ahem REFINED SUGARS!!)

The first few hours were a little hairy since I was off work and home with the family.  I was irritable because I wanted to indulge in my usual breakfast habits and I just couldn’t…but then again that’s the whole point!  But that subsided by the time I got to the Fiber Sweep.

FIBER SWEEP – So clearly this is the part that is supposed to aid in digestion and help clean you out given that you’re getting a lot of protein in these shakes.  It has a very very light lemon flavor that I could barely detect.  They say to mix and drink immediately and I cannot stress enough how IMMEDIATELY one should drink this.  I’m talking like no more than you get it shaken up in a shaker cup you should have it halfway gone.  If you wait more than a minute this thing starts thickening up on you and personally that texture made it tough to get down on day 1.

I was slightly nervous that the Fiber Sweep was going to cause a mass exodus from my body in a highly emergency-style fashion.  Personally that was not the case.  It took awhile to see results from the sweep and they were not anything unusual or urgent in nature if you get my drift.  I was relieved (in more ways than one hahaha – you knew there was gonna be poo talk at some point, right?!?)

On to lunch – Vanilla Refresh Shake, small apple, and I opted for some roasted cauliflower.  Then continued munching on the cauliflower for my snack

For dinner I chose stir fry veggies (with a tsp olive oil, and salt and red pepper) with my Vanilla Refresh shake.  It was a little weird not eating meat with dinner but I was full!  Like noticeably full which I find I have a really hard time getting full when I eat usually.  I often wonder if there’s a disconnect between my mind and my stomach, but I digress…dinner

Usually when I start a new eating plan I end up with a massive headache on day 1.  You would think this would be a compelling argument for me to stop putting crap foods in my face…negative!  So I was a little nervous going into day 1 given that the typical headache makes me want to binge on all the bad things causing the headache…Ironic.  The headache came around lunch so I popped some aspirin and all was fine.  I did have some cravings in the evening as I usually have something sweet after dinner.  Nothing super intense like they usually are, but worth mentioning.  I had my usual internal debate, but in the end it’s like “HELLO, You spent $$ on this and it’s ONLY 3 FREAKING DAYS…Suck it up girlfriend!!”  Yes, I’m harsh when I talk to myself…it gets me through sometimes. Don’t judge LOL

DAY 2 –

“Heyo!!! I survived day one and we’re already on Day 2” were the feelings I had about it.  Most of it was a replay of day 1 as the structure for water, eating, and shakes remains the same.  Got up, drank my water, and made the same Shakeo concoction that I drank on the way to work.  Simple.  On day 2 I got the hang of the Fiber Sweep and found it much more manageable than Day 1.  IMMEDIATELY chugged that sucker down no problem.

Lunch was the Vanilla Refresh blended with 1/2 a banana, and leftovers from dinner.  The Vanilla Refresh by itself tastes like watered down vanilla pudding which I thought was fine.  Blended with a banana and a little less water, it tastes a lot like vanilla pudding.  I really enjoyed the Vanilla Refresh.

Snack was carrots with 2 tbsp red pepper hummus YUM!  I forgot how much I love hummus!carrots

Dinner was the Vanilla Refresh shake with roasted cabbage.  I’m sure the idea is to have as much fresh, raw veggies as possible but I’m not big on raw veggies without some kind of dip.  Annnnndddd obviously dip is not a thing for this.  So roasted it is.  I find it’s more important to do what works for you so you can stick with it, rather than to follow it rigidly.  Obviously there’s a fine line where results will cease in that mindset but roasted vs raw is not going to be putting anything over the edge…and I don’t like being miserable eating raw veggies so there it is 😀

In the morning there was a craving for some chips because something salty after breakfast had become a habit, but for the most part I didn’t have much desire to cheat.  And I didn’t succumb so BOOM!!

DAY 3-

OMG how is it day 3 already and I HAVE NOT CHEATED!!!  Like at all!!  I was so proud of myself, can you tell?? lol

Day 3 was a lot of the same as the other two days.  Water, Shakeo, Fiber Sweep…you get the idea.  For lunch I had the Vanilla Refresh shake with my leftover roasted cabbage.  Snack was the carrots again.  Dinner was the Refresh with stir fry green beans and a cup of vegetable broth seasoned with salt and pepper.    …and just like that it was


I actually really enjoyed the Refresh!  It’s roughly 900 calories a day which is obviously not something to continue for more than a few days, but it was a successful 3 days!  I definitely feel like it reset my body.  I don’t want the crappy things that I was eating before and wasn’t all that tempted while doing it.  I still think about my Starbucks though but have decided it’s a good idea to give that up for awhile.  Post Refresh I started my day with my same Shakeology mix in an effort to keep the train moving and not forgo my results.  I cannot stress enough how important is, if you’re using this as a jumping off point for weightloss, to continue once it’s over and to have a plan.  The included guide offers direction for how to continue, which is AWESOME!  I will have to do a followup with my post-post-Refresh results 😛

So now to dazzle you with my “transformation” 😛  Check it out!!

  • Starting weight :145.0
  • Ending weight: 139.1
  • More importantly, I FEEL GREAT!!  And I’m definitely happier with the way my clothes are fitting today.


I was so incredibly surprised by these results!!  I was not expecting it to go so well.  Have questions about my experience…Message me! or comment below!

Interested in the 3 Day Refresh for yourself: Check it out HERE!  If you don’t already have a coach, it will ask you to sign up for your free Beachbody account which provides you access to tons of free recipes and articles as well as making me your free coach!  Got questions?  Let me know!  I’d LOVE to hear from you 😀

~Luv, Linzy

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