An Epiphany for Me…

So I was just going to share this in my Accountability Group but then I thought “HELLO, this could be beneficial to anyone!” So here it is…
I was listening to a YouTube video by Matt Morris and he mentioned when he gets frustrated or angry he sets a time limit…an hour, 2 hours. And within that time frame he will let it all out, complain, react, whatever he feels he needs to do as much as possible. Then, once the time is up, he moves on. He said usually a little while into his rant he will realize how ridiculous it all is and just move on quickly.
So I took this piece of advice and I thought to myself, “I could totally apply this to anything!” As you may have already read, this morning I overslept and missed my workout!  I had just been thinking all week how I’ve really turned a corner and my 5am workouts were really starting to be my thing.  It wasn’t the constant struggle for me that finding time to workout usually is!  I realized how stressed and frustrated it was making me that I had overslept this morning. So I gave myself 20 mins to dwell on it, and then I would move on. Well once I got to thinking about it, I found myself looking for the positives.
Then of course that prompted me to think, “Maybe I switch it around!” So when I’m feeling irritated, stressed, upset, frustrated, I’m just going to give myself a time limit and in that amount of time I’m going to come up with all the positives I can. I mean a positive mind creates a positive force, right?  So for instance, this morning was:
I still drank my Shakeology
Abs are made in the kitchen
My body got the rest it needed to do better tomorrow and really go after it
With more rest comes a better attitude and more patience…a necessity with a family!
Sleep replenishes and heals the body
I’m fortunate to have a job that doesn’t require me to be on time every day
I still have the opportunity to make the most of the day with my meal prep that I completed Sunday
You get the idea…
After thinking about all of these positives, it felt silly to be mad at myself for something so small. The perspective I needed came about.  I was allowing the fear of failing and having a replay of this morning hijack my mood!  It may have happened before that I fell of the wagon, but only because I LET IT HAPPEN!  ME!  So that means I CAN CONTROL THIS!  And I will because I want to and I’m aware.
Right now I’m fighting the old habit of having something sweet after lunch. So I’m giving myself 10 mins to be positive and think about what I can do satisfy that habit without giving in.  I can drink some water, walk around a bit, have a conversation, type a blog… 😛 Backup plan: If I still feel like I need something I can eat an apple with some cocoa peanut butter.  I know I want something because it’s a habit. I know I’m trying to break it so I’m not giving in!  This thought process really helps me to assess what’s really going on and address it.
So the point of all this rambling is, I plan on applying these time limits to the negative things in my mind.  I hope by sharing my epiphany with you, you will find some way to positively apply it to your life!

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