Rachael’s Transformation…

I’m always trying to keep it real and be upfront with my friends and followers.  So in the interest of full disclosure, I’m writing to tell you that in December/early January I questioned if coaching was truly for me and if it was something I should continue.  At the time I was going backwards in my journey for better health.  With the holidays, my eating was settling back into old habits, I wasn’t working out much, I was beginning to feel like I was letting down the people that I’m there to motivate, and started feeling a bit like a fraud because…well… I’m human.  I try to share my struggles as they are happening, but I had a hard time doing so because I just wanted to distance myself from social media and regain my focus.

So as I found myself at a crossroad, I did what most girls do and reached out to my best friend.  This particular thing was a tough thing to tell those around me because they play such a HUGE part in the success that I’ve had with coaching and my journey to better health (so THANK YOU ALL for that!).  My friends have been so supportive and some have joined me in coaching and I obviously didn’t want to desert them.  Rachael (previously mentioned best friend) said something to me that struck a chord and reminded me exactly why I do this.  It’s not for money (even though that’s a nice bonus), or for attention, or to showcase myself.  She said, “If you don’t coach anymore, I don’t know that I would keep going without you.”  It was like YES that’s why I do this!!!  Coaching keeps me accountable on my own journey and provides a platform for me to share solutions for people looking for a way to get healthy, as well as inspire and motivate them with my journey.

So I wanted to start showcasing those that I’ve helped (with their permission of course) as a reminder to myself, encouragement and praise for them, and motivation for others, because I feel like that’s my purpose in all of this.

I’m starting with Rachael because she was one of the first to join my journey and she’s been such a huge inspiration and motivator for me.  When you check out her transformation below you will be blown away!



It’s so AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE to see how far you’ve come, how hard you’ve worked, and the amount of determination you have.  Any time you’ve paused your journey, you’ve been so quick to get right back to it with even more drive than before.  You’re constantly the person that’s been in my corner, cheering me on, while pushing yourself to keep going.  You’ve pushed yourself to continually step outside your comfort zone with new foods and new workouts. How you find the energy to push play after work everyday or on your lunch and crank out an intense workout after working a full-time job and being an amazing momma to Riley, I have no idea! LOL  Your consistency with your workouts, Shakeology, meal planning, participating in challenge groups, and mini-goal setting has completely paid off.  Thank you for starting your journey with me and thank you for letting me share your amazing transformation!!  You are part of my WHY!

Check out her FABULOUS transformation photos!!  So freaking proud of her!

Untitled design.png


Feel free to tell this girl how incredibly awesome she is! 😉

If you are one of my challengers and would like to be showcased, send me your pics!  If you are ready to start your journey, message me!  I love hearing from you! 😀

Luv, Linzy


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