My Journey…So Far ;)

I’m Lindsay Hejnal – a 30-something mom to 2 AHHHMAZING little girls. ¬†I’m married to an AWESOME guy I’ve known since first grade ūüôā ¬†I’m an Independent Beachbody Coach, founder of Fit2Gether Fitness, with a love for fitness and a great passion for nutrition and meal planning. ¬†I’ve been coaching since the summer of 2015 and it’s been nothing but FUN ever since!

My fitness journey is¬†pretty typical…gained weight in college due to being your typical American college student (read: drinking, late night taco bell runs, fast food for most meals, ZERO exercise!). ¬†I started a corporate job¬†where I was essentially “chained” to a desk for 9-12 hours a day with poor nutrition and very little exercise. ¬†When my husband proposed I wanted so badly to be that picturesque bride!! ¬†I went to the gym after work every day and tried the “Cardio Queen” thing but then I would¬†go home and eat ridiculous amounts of food. ¬†I thought if I worked out, it would be like magic POOF fat is gone!…Not. ¬†Even. ¬†CLose! ¬†I would eat healthy during the week and maybe count calories on a fitness app, but then the weekend would hit and all bets were off. ¬†I would fluctuate the same 10 lbs back and forth, which is THE WORST feeling. ¬†It’s so incredibly defeating. ¬†On my wedding day I weighed¬†around 160 lbs. ¬†I still cringe at my pictures because I just didn’t feel like myself. ¬†When I looked in the mirror that is NOT who I saw!!

We decided we really wanted kids and got pregnant right away – ¬†HELLO 200+ lbs! ¬†I’m pretty sure I ate everything I ever wanted during that pregnancy…ahem, donuts… ¬†Once I had Emma, I was convinced I was going to lose the weight and keep it off! ¬†So I started running outside- I mean that’s where most people start, right? ¬†It was working! ¬†And I was pumping so that helped too, but balancing¬†eating enough calories to sustain my supply was a challenge. ¬† Winter came, running eventually stopped, pumping eventually stopped, I was back to fast food more often than not, and here comes the weight again. ¬†Insert struggle, defeat, and complete frustration here. ¬†I was broken, my spirit was broken, I was feeling lazier than ever! ¬†Negative thoughts ensued – “How could I have let this happen to me again??” ¬†“How could I keep doing this cycle to myself??”

Hey, let’s have another baby!! ¬†I mean if ever there was a self esteem booster, pregnancy is it right? Hahahaha Riiiiiiggggghhhhhhttt. ¬†Oh Hey 200+ lbs! ¬†Missed you :* ¬†NOT! ¬†After Ella arrived, I had my mind set that I would bounce back like before AT LEAST! ¬†So I started off the same way because I knew it worked, at least temporarily. ¬† I started off with running again and pumping but I thought to myself, “OK, so last time I did this it didn’t last. ¬†How can I make this a long-term change??”

I saw all the infomercials for 21 Day Fix because really what else is there to watch on TV when you’re up at all hours with a newborn?? ¬†It peaked my interest. ¬†It was completely different than any of the other programs I had seen because this one actually focused on portion control! ¬†I mean, what a novel idea right? ¬†I happened to be looking for a babysitter for the girls and came across a Beachbody Coach who ran an in-home daycare. ¬†She didn’t even mention Beachbody, but I saw it on her profile and took it as a sign! ¬†This MUST be for me and the answer that I was looking for. ¬†So I jumped ALL THE WAY in…100% ¬†I bought the 3-Program Challenge Pack (21 Day Fix, Insanity Max 30, PIYO, and Shakeology) so I could become a coach for free, and Craig and I would each get a program.

I started with 21 Day Fix and Shakeology and within the first week I was down 5 lbs and was feeling AMAZING both physically and mentally. ¬†I was able to easily tweak it to work with pumping and keeping up my supply and saw such incredible results. ¬†I ended up doing 3¬†rounds and lost roughly 30 lbs!! ¬†I weigh the least I’ve weighed in well over a decade and have the muscle tone I had when I was 18 (if not better ūüėČ )!! ¬†Beyond that, it has completely changed my eating – I could pick the foods that I liked, and throw them together how I wanted. ¬†The program trained me on how many of each container to eat per day and still sticks with me today! ¬†This program literally CHANGED MY LIFE in so many ways. ¬†My journey and my results launched my Coaching career. ¬†My confidence level is through the roof!! I try on clothes and walk into stores with my head held high, instead of dreading it and being devastatingly self-conscious. ¬†I surpassed my pre-pregnancy weight by 20 lbs! ¬†But most importantly: I FEEL LIKE MYSELF AGAIN!!!! ¬†That is beyond HUGE for me. ¬†It’s now a year and a half later and I’m keeping the weight off and enjoying everything else that has come with my decision that day to take the plunge. ¬†It has totally changed my life!!